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North China is a wheat-growing area so that most of its dumplings are made from wheat flour such as jiaozi and baozi (steamed dumpling with either savory or sweet fillings 包子) while east and south China abounds in glutinous rice, which makes its dumplings distinctive, glutinous and sticky, like tangtuan (glutinous rice ball 汤团) and qingtuan (a green colored glutinous rice ball 青团), says David Du, chef de cuisine at Hyatt on the Bund in Shanghai.
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Commodities priced in dollars, such as oil, become less expensive for investors holding euros as the U.S. currency weakens.
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The Shenzhen Composite Index, which tracks the smaller domestic market, dipped 0.12 percent to close at 1,170.68 points.
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Cash, of about 6,000 US$ in value, was later found to be taken from the checkout encounter but no other valuables inside the store were missing.
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BEIJING Automotive Industry Holdings yesterday didn't deny media reports that it is keen to buy Ford Motor Co's Volvo Cars unit.
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The new government rules require higher down payments and higher interest rates for mortgages on properties beyond the family home.
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The exemption, approved by the State Council, took effect from the beginning of this year, the ministry said in a statement made to clarify its preferential tax policy.
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Up to yesterday, the barometer gained a collective 30.34 percent in the first quarter of this year.
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While there is no hard data on offshore storage, there are estimates of as many as 100 million barrels in offshore storage.
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China dismissed the report as groundless and said its defense ministry websites were often subject to attacks originating in the US.
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SUSPECTED al-Qaida-linked gunmen have abducted two Filipino sisters who traveled to a dangerous mountainous area in the southern Philippines to work on a film about Muslim farmers, police and military officials said yesterday.
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Lu Zhengwei, an Industrial Bank senior economist, said the central bank's adherence to its looser monetary policy has left open-market operations, or central bank bills, as the major fine-tuning mechanism.
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We don't use the word 'stress test,' but as far as the possible impact of exchange rate movements on the economy is concerned, especially in labor-intensive sectors, we have always studied and analyzed the issue, he said. "For labor-intensive sectors, if the exchange rate fluctuates a lot, the impact will be huge."
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He wrote a letter to county officials in 1987 describing how difficult it was for his family to afford his school fees, leaving him no other choice but to quit school at the age of 12.
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ANOTHER foreign company has been given the go-ahead to provide services for Shanghai's growing number of elderly people, after regulations were relaxed.
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The agreement does not mean that Tengzhong has managed to acquire the legendary brand as the transaction is subject to regulatory approvals or review by government agencies in the United States and China.
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The world's largest auto parts maker has invested 160 million euros (US$239 million) in China this year, focusing on renewable energy and electrification for new energy vehicles despite the downturn in global markets.
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Schering-Plough holders will get US$23.61 a share, a 34-percent premium to the closing stock price last week, the companies said.
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モンクレール ダウン | URL | 2015.01.14 18:08 | Edit
Intel's rebates were so large that only a rival that sold chips for less than they cost to make would have had any chance of grabbing customers, the EU executive said.
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Gao Feng, head of the economic crimes investigation unit at China's Ministry of Public Security, said this week similar money transfers to those seen at GSK had been made by other multinational pharmaceutical companies in China.
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ホリスター 店舗 | URL | 2015.01.15 19:53 | Edit
Even before the debut of the iPad, Chinese makers launched cloned products, Shanzhai versions from Chinese copycats.
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Baoshan Iron and Steel Co dipped 0.15 percent to 6.51 yuan after it kept prices steady on a cautious outlook.
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モンクレール ダウンベスト | URL | 2015.01.15 23:03 | Edit
In its outlook for the year, Nordea noted that the economies in the Nordic countries are weakening at a "high speed," and that economic growth is expected to be negative in 2009.
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ホリスター 日本 | URL | 2015.01.16 19:21 | Edit
Despite sharp falls in net profit, "the company remains fundamentally sound, with our core businesses growing steadily and healthily, and we maintain a solid financial position," Ping An said in yesterday's statement.
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モンクレール | URL | 2015.01.19 07:14 | Edit
The combined revenue of the top 100 Chinese electronics companies was 1.12 trillion yuan (US$164.7 billion) last year, a 12 percent decrease from 2007.
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The US in May moved to subsidize some of its dairy exports, saying it was forced to respond to new European subsidies that have made it hard to compete in global markets depressed by the economic downturn. Top dairy exporters Australia and New Zealand have led protests against the moves.
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The benchmark Shanghai Composite Index dipped 0.37 percent, or 12.27 points, to close at 3,308.35. Turnover was 200.1 billion yuan (US$29.3 billion).
モンクレール ダウン http://www.microreve.com/rss/news.asp?モンクレール-ダウン/
アバクロ 公式 | URL | 2015.01.21 09:13 | Edit
Li Ning, founded by the Chinese Olympic gymnast of the same name, has no stores in the US and recently shut the e-commerce section of its US website.
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エアマックス90 | URL | 2015.02.19 03:11 | Edit
General Manager Li Changyin said CSIC had overcome the impact of the global financial crisis, which crippled sea-based trade and canceled ship orders.
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ナイキ エアマックス90 | URL | 2015.03.07 14:25 | Edit
But the process stalled and the revolt looked to be spreading to other areas early yesterday until the prime minister issued a harsh warning to the rebels, backed up by tanks and armored vehicles rolling through the streets of the capital.
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